Maria Bartuszová

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Maria Bartuszová (1936-96) worked in relative isolation for over three decades in Košice, the second largest city in Slovakia. Her artistic life was bound by the constraints of what was then socialist Czechoslovakia, but even so, during this time she made over 500 sculptures. The organic and biomorphic shapes hold the impression of their maker, and of her world: they pulse, bulge, crack, melt and breath before us - natural forms based on the ideas and beliefs that interested Bartuszová.

In this definitve publication, archival photography and images of rarely exhibited works appear alongside seminal texts to trace and map the life and career of one of the twentieth century's most original artists. As well as a compehensive and timely overview, the book also explores how solitude can allow for human expression, and create deeper connections to the living, breathing world around us.

Ed. by Juliet Bingham and Gabriela Garlatyová
Foreword by Francis Morris
Texts by Juliet Bingham, Gabriela Garlatyová , Marie Kimešová , Lisa Le Feuvre , Harald Krejci
Hard cover, 246 × 189 cm, 192 pages, 172 images
Tate Publishing, London, 2022
Language: English

ISBN 9781849766777