Showcase for Collection V. Cartography of the image

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They are images that give us the idea of ​​the world. And since the end of the 19th century, there have increasingly been photographic images, machine-made views of parts of the world, cities, foreign countries or well-known sights. For travelers as well as for those who stayed at home, the photographs are documents of authenticity, they are, so to speak, the means to measure the world seen or imagined. Every photograph fits into an information system about the state or the symptoms of parts of the world, be it postcard motifs or personal documents, visualized maps or travel diagrams, cultural-historical research or individual gestures of appropriation.

Published by the Museum der Moderne Salzburg. With works from the photo collection of the Museum der Moderne Salzburg and the photo collection of the federal government

Paperback, 21 x 15 cm, 14 pages, 10 illustrations
German edition
Aumayr Druck und Verlagsges.mbH, Munderfing, 2013