Scenes of Exile

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This publication lists the three exhibitions On/Off. Four Artists in Exile (2017), Resonance of Exile (2018) and Places of Exile (2020) together. This profound contribution to exile research is linked to the claim of remembrance work, in that the works and ideas of the persecuted and expelled artists are comprehensively acknowledged and saved from oblivion through the processing of individual life stories.

“Not only do you have to adapt to something new, but you also have to try to somehow understand what happened and how to deal with it. The whole life passes and you still don't understand it." (Amos Vogel)

Edited by Thorsten Sadowsky for the Museum der Moderne Salzburg

Texts by: Ute Eskildsen, Barbara Herzog, Kurt Kaindl, Elke-Vera Kotowski, Christiane Kuhlmann, Brigitte Mayr and Michael Omasta, Walter Moser, Andreas Neufert, Frank-Manuel Peter, Astrid Schmetterling, Thorsten Sadowsky, Peter Schreiner, Georg Schrom, Rosa von der Schulenburg, Elisabeth Streit and Tom Waibel, Magdalena Vuković, Andrea Winklbauer

Published in

Publisher Library of the Province

Großwolfger's 29

3970 Weitra


Soft cover, 320 pages

Approx. 210 illustrations
Publisher Library of the Province, Weitra, 2020
German edition:
ISBN 978-3-99028-946-4